Michael Jackson At the Rock Cafe!!!

So no one can say the employees of the Rock Cafe don’t LOVE Halloween!! We really hooped it up and had a great time! And to all those that got squirted in the face by my flower hat ~ I’m sorry!! It was fun though. The best part was Michael Jackson stopping in to dance to Billie Jean for us.

See Michael’s Dance Here!!


More on Halloween Later. I just had to show off this video


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One Response to “Michael Jackson At the Rock Cafe!!!”

  1. Rich Says:

    I had never heard of the Rock Cafe until a few minutes ago as I was listening to the Christian radio ministry of Haven Today in West Covina CA (18 miles east of L.A.). http://www.haventoday.org/
    The host, Charles Morris told of how he, his wife & 91 year young mother went on a Thanksgiving road trip from CA to OK and ate lunch at The Rock. He had not eaten there since he was about 5 years old and his aunt was running the cafe. I am thankful to The Lord that he was blessed with the resurrection of The Rock by ‘crazy’ Dawn.
    Looks like The Rock is as much a part of your patrons as they are of yours eh Dawn. Not so crazy are you?
    Seems there is more to the name of the cafe than just as reference to the stone walls??
    BTW…glad that the grill was ‘safe and sound’ no matter what the fire crew thought. Guess the wolf has a name, S.A.M. (for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego of Daniel 3:8-30)
    God bless you, Oklahoma and the USA.

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