Rock Cafe on Route 66 since 1939

First known pic of Rock CafeThis is the first known picture taken at the Rock Cafe! It is a waitress from the early 40’s. The sign was made on an old piece of another sign and was previous to the well known neon sign people on the road have known and loved. This original was in the fire and did not make it. Thank goodness it had been scanned and put on computer to be sent to various people who wanted it.


5 Responses to “Rock Cafe on Route 66 since 1939”

  1. redforkhippie Says:

    Bravo to you for setting this up so the world can keep tabs on your progress as the Rock rises from the ashes!

  2. Pam & John Stuart Says:

    We are so thankful no one was hurt. Alexis has done a wonderful job as your photojournalist. Thank you for setting this site up. We are anxious for the Rock Cafe’s rebuild and opening…

  3. Kimi Says:

    I am really enjoying this blog… check it at least twice a day. So where is today’s entry??? j/k It is amazing the different “treasures” you are finding among the ashes. I am especially excited about the grill. I hope you will be able to continue using it.

  4. Beverly Says:

    Was finally able to see the blog u started, thanks to a fixed internet connection. Wow it is really good. I guess by looking at my email address you can tell how much I love the rock cafe, ( I look forward to the day when we are parenting our children, fixing our husbands, saving the world, and arguing with our customers in only the way Lucy and Ethel can. I love ya girl.


  5. Tulsa Gentleman Says:

    Here I am at the bottom of your blog where you began your story. I had a little your story but this fills in the gaps. It is a story of bad luck, hard work and a lot of determination.

    I hope you enjoy the photos I gave you yesterday. When Susan and I were on our odyssey of driving old route 66 from Tulsa to Santa Fe your Rock Cafe was one of our first stops.

    We made it in 5 days and kept to old 66 all the way. If you look at my blog from October 24 to November 1, 2009 you can travel with us. We enjoyed the Rock Cafe on October 25.

    We wish you and your family all the best.

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