Pondering History!!

As me and the kidos head off to work at the archeological site today, my head is still pondering the possibilitys presented myself with this fire. I have thought for days and days about just how much historical integrity is left at the Rock Cafe. If my history teachers had ever told me that I would grow up to fret about the historical integrity of a building much less that of Route 66, I’d have thrown my book at them. Now it is all I think about.

So as I dig and dig, ever so carefully.. looking for pieces of my history. Is it really only mine? How many will care about my little treasures. And how important were the things lost in this fire? How much of history was lost in Atlanta, when it was burning during the Civil War? How many must have been digging for there pieces of history? For me, its easier to deal with crisis in my life by thinking about all the stronger people through time who have had it worse and came out better for it. And certainly those who rebuilt their lives after the Civil War, had it worse. And as a whole, Atlanta restored its historical integrity to that of before the War. Its known today for its Southern Charm and Hospitality. With this, I forge forward.

We forge forward. Today I had several people stop by to help. Two specifically, Ron and Emily Priddy, who have really invested their time, money, and hearts for the historical integrity of Route 66. Today for several hours they helped clean debris and look for treasure to help in the effort of restoring the Rock Cafe to its former glory. Its a hard hot job! But here for nothing but the guarantee of a decent meal(meatloaf sandwichs and mashed potatos with sweet tea) they poured their heart and soul into the job. Including donating the hard hats to the cause!!

Above are Joe Carpenter and Beverly Thomas, my sister in crime at the Rock Cafe, also helping!

So as we break for a mid morning snack, of cold pancakes and flour tortillas(Young Pauls snack choice carried to site in a Cars lunchpale), I again have restored faith that everything is going to be better at the end of the day. And each day will bring a clearer vision to me and the others who have taken on the responsibilty of making sure this piece of history retains its “Historical Integrity”! Will the Rock be different…Probably..Will the Rock be the same .. Certainly!!! Still serving up good food with a flare and hometown charm known worldwide on a Road that will always be known as the “Mother Road”.

Ha!! This is Alexis after she picked up a shovel and started filling up the pickle buckets. What she didn’t know is that I had taken the easier job of shoveling and she was doing the harder work of hauling them to trash can and dumping. LOL. Thats what she gets for bragging on how strong she is.

This is todays work crew tired and headed for siesta. Thanks again for all your support! I’m headed to the State Historic Preservation Conference to get some additional insight as to the path ahead.

A penny for your thoughts!! Really any and all of your comments or ideas are greatly appreciated as we rebuild! This of course is another awesome pic taken by Alexis!!


5 Responses to “Pondering History!!”

  1. redforkhippie Says:

    Hey, silly — I thought you were taking today off! You’re supposed to call when you’re out there working so you can have an extra pair of hands … even if you run out of meatloaf. 🙂

  2. Kent Meacham Says:

    Hello Dawn.I was bummed when I heard about the fire,if the Harley owners can help please say the word.I still have a photo I took at sundown the night you got the neon fixed after many years of not working.My evening having dinner there on my way west was a great memory and I have that photo framed in my office.Please keep your chin up you are a great person and deserve the best.I still thank Micheal Wallis for introducing us when we came thru with the Harleys……Respects Kent Meacham Tucson,Az. Harley Owners Group (Nomad)

  3. Mike Cummings Says:

    My heart goes out to you in this trying time. Since I can’t physically be there to carry buckets, I am carrying them for you in my mind. If all the “roadies” would mentally carry one bucket a day for you, it may make them a little lighter. So come on and help Dawn by carrying pickle buckets for her. Be sure to keep something badly charred for display. In 10 years this will be part of the history of The Rock.

  4. Scott Piotrowski Says:

    Hearing about the fire was like losing an aunt. Fortunately, even if we did lose Aunt Rock, we still have Cousin Dawn. And I know that you will be keeping the Rock alive until she can come back to us stronger than ever.

    Wishing you the best on your efforts and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers out here in SoCal, where the road begins!

  5. redforkhippie Says:

    Mike Ward just FedExed me a half-dozen more hardhats to keep everybody safe. I still think we need a big sign that says “X days without an accident” like they have at factories….

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