It takes a village!!

This is an older picture of a trip that was taken during a trip to Washington DC. It was a voyage to let the government know how much we appreciate their support of Route 66. Its road, business, and landmarks. It certainly makes me proud to be American. Despite all of our important issues, America has found a way to support our history as it is known through Route 66. It also makes me proud to be a part of that in a small way. I have always considered The Rock Cafe belonging to the bigger picture rather than just its ownership to my family. Being one of the first to recieve a matching grant to refurbish the Rock, it was even more clear to me that the Rock was belonged to all Americans and those who come to visit from all around the world. Its difficult to explain this, but I didn’t shed a single tear until I made the phone call to Kaisa of the National Park Service in New Mexico and told her the news and to ask some questions. It was the feeling of failure to take care of Americas investment toward saving this landmark that became overwhelming to me. I know that unexplainable things happen but to not be able to answer why this would happen and then express my desire to rebuild this monument that had been entrusted to me was too much for me to handle. 

So my message today is that not only are we all invested in this project. So is the state and national governments.  My gratitude for their expertise is more than I can express. Melvena, Catherine, Harry of the State Historic Preservation Society have always walked me through my lack of knowledge for handleing  this property and always made me feel at ease.  Mike and Kaisa of the National Park Service have taken on the large task of handleing all of us who love our business’ and road on Route 66 helping us through the red tape of how to make our little pieces of the puzzle seem like the most important. Recently, Daniel and Wendy with the National Trust for Historic Preservation have proved to be invaluable for helping make decisions during the most dire time in history for this building. I feel like these people do so much with so little recognition and that is why it is so emotional for me to speak with them because they have been so important in my life and so many in helping guide us in keeping these areas safe from further harm. Today, when I was digging through the rubble I found a few Dr Pepper bottles. The funny part of this is that they were Indiana Jones bottles. A promotional item for the movie that I am now to poor to take the kids to see. Ha. But the funny thing is, that I feel like I’m on my own treasure hunt and that these above mentioned people are my Indiana Jones crew. They are on this adventure with me. I could not have a better recovery team than them. I am so thankful for them.  And I know I’ve forgotten some names and please understand that you are so appreciated!!

Indiana Jones Dr Pepper Bottle

In 2001, the National Park Service awarded me a grant and once finished. Mike and Kaisa presented me with this bronze plaque to commerate the event. It was always my intention to have it mounted on the building. It was the first thing I pulled from the rubble. We kept it on the fireplace mantle so I knew just where to look for it. It is going to be a great honor to be able to put this very plaque on the  Rock facade.

God bless America and our ability to come together as a village when it need be!!




2 Responses to “It takes a village!!”

  1. Lisa T (VA) Says:

    Great post!! As a roadie, I appreciate hearing about all the people that help behind the scenes. Without them and you (the hard working owners), we would not be able to enjoy treasures like the Rock.

    Look forward to visiting the Rock again when you’re done!

  2. redforkhippie Says:

    If you and the kids are up for a late night, Ron and I would love to take y’all to the late show at the Admiral Twin. Indiana Jones is the second feature, which gives us plenty of time to scoop rubble for a few hours before showtime. 🙂

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