Saturday’s Pink Lemonade Stand

We love our small school system in Stroud and our children seem to excell here. They both are very active in sports and academics. The adminstrators and teachers are very active in knowing your children. Alexis is a Stroud Middle School cheerleader something I support but with much guideance on how to handle a school career. Meaning not to place too much in the importance of cheerleading but also put your all into the sport if you choose to do it. So without boring you with the long version of that story, Alexis usually pays for her uniforms and such with the money she earns at the Rock Cafe. This year she hasn’t had the ability to completely pay off her cheer debt. HA

We’ve decided that for the next two Saturdays and maybe some in between she will have somewhat of a pink lemonade stand with maybe some cobbler or bread pudding set up at the Rock for tourists to have a cold drink and speak to us about the rebuilding. Its very inpromptu and shouldn’t be anything people should run over to do. But we thought it would be one way for her to earn her camp money.


2 Responses to “Saturday’s Pink Lemonade Stand”

  1. Marc Levack Says:

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  2. Paul Haines Says:

    Hey Dawn!

    Paul here with the Bold Moves Mustang Club of Tulsa… Hope all is well! We heard about the fire and was heartbroken. Your place was always a favorite stop on our cruises. I’ve been following the blog and and it looks like things are moving along pretty good! (We are so glad you choose to rebuild!) Let us know if the club can do anything!

    When is the grand reopening? We’ll be there in force!

    Best regards,
    Paul Haines
    President- Bold Moves Mustang Club of Tulsa

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