Small Business – Corporate Business

Meet Joel.  He is my food supplier for all the wonderful meals we make at the Rock. He sells for Ben E. Keith. (Small Paul Welch took this picture. Its very well done for a 7 year old)  For insurance purposes, he was kind enough to bring by all my reciepts for May.  Since the originals burned in the fire. Joel was on my short list of phone calls the night of the fire.  We had a food truck coming the next day and I wanted to be sure it was canceled since there would be no reason for the delivery. I was able to make this phone call late late at night because Joel as become part of our Rock Cafe family.  He has been exposed to Beverly and I’s bad tempers when things don’t go well getting our food orders.  He has very funny sayings like “mayday” and “o that didn’t go very smurfy” that seems to do one of two things;make us laugh or more mad. The point of this entry is that so many people try to divide small business from corporate business. I’ve always believed there is room in the world for both. I hope that anyone who operates a small business can learn how to use the corporate world to their business’ benefit. Certainly, in our case we have been able to take utilize services offered from our corporations. Walmart, Target, Ben E Keith, Home Depot, Sears, Hot Topic(we had a cool sticker on our bathroom door from there), Tyson, McCormick,Disney-Pixar and so many many others have all had a hand in making my small cafe a success for different reasons. I would just like to take this time to say thanks to Joel and all the others who have chosen to work for corporations but have also injected their own moral values and personalites making me feel like an important buyer, even though I am only a small piece of the pie.


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