The Gals and the Thomas Men!!

Saturday evening was another work day at the Rock.Thanks to Beverly who is awesome. She always knows what I will ask for and what I won’t ask for. Help is one of those. She organized a work day. Bev is someone who I would not want to live without in my life. She is the best of friends. I called her my sudo best friend for years. I now only refer to her as my BEST FRIEND and lots of time I claim her as my sister. ANYWAYS> Audra, Sommer, and Kelsie are friends of the Rock who have helped out through their teen years and represent the best of youth. They came up and helped clean out a nasty smelly building and did it with smiles on their faces. I’m so proud to have a community of teens who care about the tragedys of the town and will donate their time and money to help.  These girls even stopped by Sonic and brought Sweet Tea for everyone. Which was super yummy!!

The gals hard at work!!

Sommer trying to keep the place tidy. She is using a broom that has been with us forever. The funny thing is I won’t throw anything away. I buy brooms at Dollar store, the old corn broom style. It sweeps the old porous concrete the best and the older brooms move to the kitchen because they have only the coarse part of the top of the broom. Everyone makes fun of them but they work really well on a greasy dirty floor. Plus they is CHEAP.  So everyone was hoping this one would have burnt up. But it didn’t and I’ve been using it. Bev always tells me to get on my broom and fly home when I’m being ugly. So shoot, maybe it is a magical broom. It didn’t burn up!!!

This is Audra loving her/my hardhat. The girls in perfect teeny style took lots of goofy pics with their cleaning gear. It was fun to watch. Kelsie of course didn’t  being the coolest of us all.

NOW to the THOMAS MEN!! 2/3 of the Thomas men showed up to work on Saturday. Martin and Matt! Scotty to Hotty was of course busy with his gal. Thanks Scotty and Sam!! Next time we are all gonna watch you work. JP JP!!


Martin is like a Bull in a China Shop. OMG!! He scared me to death all evening. Bev assured me that God protects idiots and drunks.(note:Martin is neither) I was nervous the whole time he was up at the Rock. When it was said and done, I was very happy with this unsafe but productive method. Not many men have showed up and gotten dirty and obviously this one knows how to clean up a site. The best part of the night was when we disassembled the grill and took it to safety. I can’t wait to get this thing refurbished. If anyone out there knows people capable of cleaning this please contact me.  Anyway these two men got most of the kitchen equipment out and it was a very productive work day because of them. Matt is Bev and Martins son and is a very good cook. He is an even better friend. Matt would do anything to help out a friend. In my case, I consider myself his 2nd mom although he doesn’t hug me I do believe he listens to me. Thats all you can ask from your teens. I love him like my own children and am so glad to have the Thomas family in my life. They have all gone to work at Grannies. A new restaurant in town. If anyone has the chance to get over there you know you’ll have good service.

 Matt came up with the brilliant idea to stand in big dumpster to carry our buckets of debris into the middle of the trash can. He reminded me of that guy on the other side of the fence in the sitcom Raymond.

Thanks to Bev and Emily who keep finding ways to get help to the Rock and speeding up the process to a clean and safe Rock Cafe. Emily also came down to help on Saturday and she has certainly proven herself invalueable to this process.

Saturday was a great day! Exhausting but so much fun. I have recieved lots of mail and appreciate all the gifts and it does give me the boost needed to keep pushing forward. I hope this event can really inspire others to never give up. The Welchs and Thomas certainly won’t give up on getting our “Day in Paradise” back.


One Response to “The Gals and the Thomas Men!!”

  1. Says:

    To all in Stroud and the Rock Cafe

    Warm wishes to my old friend Dawn from Alex across the pond in London. I visited the Rock a couple of times and I was saddened by the news that the place had burned down. Still, every cloud has a silver lining and I watch this blog with interest as a little piece of the mother roads history is restored. Not quite the great fire of London but what a fine job they did here of restoring the entire city after it burned down, twice that is. First time the Bakers shop and the second time the Germans during the blitz.

    I cannot wait to come and have a flame grilled (excuse the pun) burger when I come visit the newly restored Rock at some point in the future.

    Best of luck to all working on the restoration.

    Kind Regards

    Alex Latter

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