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More Pics taken by Fred!!

June 1, 2008

These pics also taken day after fire!! You can still see big fire hose!

This picture is from the back wall of the bathroom. This bathroom used to be entered from the back of the building and this is the doorframe behind the back wall of the bathroom. Funny it would take a fire to reveal the old door frame.

These two pictures show the cedar paneling that most of you have always known but behind it the painted paneling is the orginal wall coverings. In the second picture you can see the fireplace then the cedar paneling then the orginal wall covering and you can see the orginal height of the ceiling!!


The Next Day!

June 1, 2008

Another picture the next day from the West window looking out the East windows.

This is a picture looking in from the West door and out the front North wall.

These are the first small treasures found from the fire. My children are holding on to anything they can!!

Again, these pics were taken by Alexis!!

The second day it became evident that stablizing the building’s Rock walls was the most important thing. This task was discussed with Melvina of the State Historic Preservation, Harry the architect for the State Historic Preservation, and Kaisa of the National Park Service specifically of the Route 66 Corridor Act. After much discussion, I contacted a qualified construction firm, Maguire Construction, and they set the stablizing into motion. It was very close to Memorial Day and would be a few days before it could begin. We lost some of the top rocks during the weekends weather but they were in need of being reconstructed anyway.

Rock Cafe Fire May 20, 2008

June 1, 2008

My daughter, Alexis, who is the family photographer has a very good eye and is good at understanding when a picture needs to be taken and also is good under stressful situations understood the importance of taking this picture. I was numb and thought about taking some pictures or video but could not move. Fred is the standing in the town gazebo watching the fire. I stood much further away and far from people for obvious reasons.

This is a second picture she took and was taken after the roof fell in. We recieved a phone call from a friend around 11:20 pm and almost did not answer because we didn’t know the number and it was late and we had just gotten in bed. It was later than usual because the family was excited about the next day because it was the last day of school.  Fred and Alexis were rushing me and Paul to get into the car because they wanted to get there fast. Paul and I were not able to kick into gear as fast; and I didn’t know what could be done when I got there. Fred was speeding up there and I told him to slow down because he was driving badly which is unusual for him. He is drives like an old man normally. He didn’t even drive that fast when I was in labor with Paul. When we arrived it was evident the fire was fully enflamed.  We all sat helpless and watched for 3 hours as it burned out of control. The roof is a mop and tar flat top and when it fell in was like fuel for the fire. I was very proud of our fire fighters and equipment that fought the fire. I prayed the Rock walls would remain and had it not been for the ladder truck(a piece of equipment that had been thought unnessary to some in Stroud) certainly was a blessing! I had called Beverly, a best friend and faithful manager, and she immediatly drove to town with her family. For those that don’t know, Bev and I share all our family issues and our children all help at the Rock Cafe. If it weren’t for these two family’s the Rock would not be as popular today as it is. Once I saw Bev who was crying uncontrollably, we were inconsolable. I only made three phone calls that evening one to Bev, one to my Food salesman(Joel), and one to Emily better known to us as Fuzzy.

Around 3:30am, the fire was under as much control as possible. We began talking with the Fire Marshall, Jeremy, and we tryed to help put together any reason for the fire. After much discussion, we all decided to meet in the morning to continue the investigation.

Rock Cafe on Route 66 since 1939

June 1, 2008

First known pic of Rock CafeThis is the first known picture taken at the Rock Cafe! It is a waitress from the early 40’s. The sign was made on an old piece of another sign and was previous to the well known neon sign people on the road have known and loved. This original was in the fire and did not make it. Thank goodness it had been scanned and put on computer to be sent to various people who wanted it.