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SO…What the heck are we doing now!!

July 18, 2008

There is so much going on behind the silence of the past two weeks. Most of which I’m not able to talk about at the moment because mainly I don’t want to jinx it. I would like to say that I’ve met the nicest group of people and whether I get to work with them or not I’m glad to have the priveledge to have had the experience.  I can say that I have a prelimanary meeting with a historic architect on Monday and I’m very excited. The walls are in good condition and seem to be holding their own. I can’t wait to hear the architects opinion and ideas on this project.  Insurance is getting closer to being over and that has been quite an experience. Meanwhile, do not fear we are fiercly continueing to cook. Bev and I are taking this time to learn new things. Our familys are thrilled with the new choices and we think you will be to.  The most exciting is that Bev is mastering her mother’s homemade yeast rolls. OMG–her mom, Bobbie, and I have a deal worked out where she makes bread for me and I trade her with my Quiche. I don’t know who is getting the better deal.  I do know that both is the REAL DEAL;-)) !!

So Bev and I and our familys miss everyone so much. Our heart and soul can not wait to be back to what we do best which is serve you up delicious food while sharing our lives and yours!! Even you irritating ones!!!

We have so much to tell you!!

So do not think we are off track. We are putting together the best possible plan and with any magic at all it will be more exciting than any of us can imagine!!

I truly LOVE MY LIFE and can’t wait to get back to it!!