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88 Days Later!!!!!!!!!

August 8, 2008

If road rumors are correct, Sir Paul McCartney and new girlfriend, don’t know name and I apologize for that, passed by the cafe on Tuesday. How dissapointing to have them see the Rock in such a state, but how great for this couple to pick Route 66 to begin their new relationship on. If legend is correct it was the girlfriends idea which makes her a sure bet because she must have good taste and great ideas!! I’ll bet a great new song or two will come from this trip!!

The progress on the cafe is we have a wonderful architect, and structural engineer, and construction company! And insurance company!!! By names in order are Mike Kertok, Garland Pendergraf, Hugh O’Hara, and Travelers Insurance Company!!! I feel very good about this team and let me tell you, we are moving. I should say they are. We should begin an intial phase of construction. The team feels very strongly about getting the building permanently stablized and this happens by constucting the inside walls with the same wooden framing and attaching that with metal anchors to the original rock facade. This construction should begin within the next week and half. It is a very scary process and once done we can begin inviting people closer to the property. This is exciting because we can also begin fundraising on site with some Route 66 gatherings of some sort. This is where you can be involved through some suggestions and visits to the property and the event.  I am so thankfull to be involved with a group of people who truly hold American values that make us a force to be dealt with. Route 66 is representative of the America we all dream of and I’m proud of all of us and happy that Sir Paul and his girlfriend chose us to inspire their new relationship. It should be a rock solid bonding experience for them.