Tedious and Boring!!

I really hate it when my teenager says that she is bored! So admitting, that my stage with the Rock Cafe is boring is extremely difficult. I’ve been looking at the 66 e-group and noticing that many have asked about the Rock. The simple answer is that we are doing great. In saying this, it is just boring great. We have made great strides and the place is cleaned up and Mike, the architect, is doing quick but awesome research and reports. He just completed a 42 page report that circulates to all close to the project. We have good feedback from the National Park Service so hopefully we are on track to staying on the National Register of Historic Places. Mike did suggest that we immediatly rebuild the wooden framing that will become the permanent inside walls and this will make the building safe for all to be around. I will keep you posted on that so if any are near they could come and feel safe about entering the building. I realize many of you have made trips inside and that makes me really nervous. But soon it will be safe and I’ll welcome all who would like to visit.  Here are some interesting pics!

This is a where the bathroom was. Notice the corner how haphazard looking the rock appears to be in the corners. But Wow they really have done a great job standing under all the fire and Oklahoma weather!! I’m so proud of my rock!!

Closer picture of same thing!!

This is the first wooden frame wall that went up. This is just as it was built originally and they are using the same metal anchors to reconnect the rock facade back into the framing.

Close up of metal anchors!

We discovered these 1×12’s behind the recent wall coverings and will rebuild with these and as you can see originally they were stained then later painted over. We will go back to the 1939 walls which were a reddish-brown stain! I can’t wait to see it!

So as you can see in these pictures it is quite tedious and boring but such an important piece of the puzzle. It must be done accuratly and carefully and this stage really connects the past with the future of this building.

For those wondering, what I do with my time. Lots of paperwork and talking with those helping at this point.  I have also volunteered to assistant coach my daughter’s cross country team and am really enjoying that. Even Paul, has started running with the team. I’m so proud of him he is in 2nd grade and competing with 6th graders!!! I have always been very hands on with my children and any teenager who says to keep away ~ I encourage you to just try harder to be more involved! Alexis has been so much fun to be with and they get used to you being around. I sacrifice my taste in music and I’ve had to learn to text but the payoff has been awesome~so far we have a great relationship although she is in what is referred as the rebellious years!

Again! I can’t wait to get back to the day-to-day of the Rock, I miss everyone so much you are all part of my family!! And I want it all back.

6 Responses to “Tedious and Boring!!”

  1. Husband Says:

    Dear Bored,

    Hang in there. The good llife is only “5 YEARS AWAY!” It has been a very different summer for all of us but I for one have really enjoyed seeing so much more of you. Chirp…..

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hey girl we can’t wait to see you again. How is everything progressing? Send me an email when the Grand Reopening will be, there is a group of us who now have motorcycles and we want to take a trip to see you. I always knew you were special and I have lots of photos of you and the restaurant if needed.
    Kathy Day Del City

  3. fenstermacher Says:

    It seems like the experience of restoring the Rock to it’s original condition, all the documentation, dealing with the Park Service and so on would be valuable knowledge in your neighborhood.

    With the increasing awareness of the fragile state of many Route 66 properties, and the naming of Route 66 motels to the list of the 11 most endangered places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation suggests a new wave of efforts to place many more properties under the protection of National Register of Historic Places status.

    You will probably end up being the resident expert on grant writing and preservation.

  4. VW's On Route 66 Says:

    Hey Dawn,

    Any updates? How are things progressing?

  5. Pedro Says:

    Hope all is going well!, Happy new year, and I hope 2009 will be the year of the restored Rock Cafe.

    Greetings from Belgium form Pedro & Helena who visited during their honeymoon couple of years back.

  6. Kathy Says:

    Dawn we hope that everything is on track. Don’t forget the email nanaksd06@yahoo.com is the address. We really want to attend the reopening of the Rock. Lots of luck!! Hey I know what you mean about Garth, he was a real pain.
    Kathy Day Del City

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