40 & Ready!

My 40th Birthday!

My 40th Birthday!

I turned 40 on  January 30  and in celebration of this occasion (that David, Terry, and Mark had been reminded of everyday since their arrival on the Rock Cafe project) they had a cake, homemade Birthday card and Coke sign ready for the special day! So ladies, I suggest that a daily reminder of what days are important to you can certainly pay off in the end. Espicially, if when doing so you expect nothing to come of it! It was quite a surprise since I hadn’t even planned on being at the Rock for the day. But they somehow knew I’d pop in!

So progress on the Rock Cafe is coming along nicely. For those marking calendars, we hope to be open by Memorial Day weekend with the Grand Opening day of Friday, May 22. Details to be added as we come to decisions.


One of the last jobs Mark had as our esteemed rock mason was to install a new pass thru window for the new kitchen. It is actually through the back wall of the original Rock Cafe building. We had some temporary electric lines(the yellow ones you see in the picture above) installed and Mark had forgotten they were there. He just masoned around them like they were suppose to be there. We took this picture to make fun of his fine work! Mark finished most of his work here at the Rock Cafe and we are so pleased with his craftsmanship!


This is a front view of the Rock and its rock work! Yea its shaping up!

We have installed a new roof system using a vinyl single ply and we love it! We used Coates Roofing which has been freinds of ours for years and they did a great job. We’ve been workiing on the pent roof which has been a difficult job to say the least. Terry has been doing a great job.


Installation of single ply roof system

Terry having to work upside down! Tuff

Terry having to work upside down! Tuff


We have had the inside Rock walls insulated with foam spray insulation which not only additionally sturdys up the wall but also should keep those customers warm in the winter and cool in the summer!! Yea a bonus!!

Foam Factor from Chandler!! Great job and weird at the same time!

Foam Factor from Chandler!! Great job and weird at the same time!

So as you can see we are getting alot done! I will be posting again soon as I have a great story about the fire! But it deserves its own post!!! Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “40 & Ready!”

  1. Laurie Dawson Says:

    Dawn, so glad to see the progress. A friend of mine and I were passing through last October and were so disappointed we weren’t going to be able to eat at your cafe. We could just taste the malts. Maybe another day.

  2. G Mortenson Says:

    Dawn, What a surge of emotion I’ve had today. I took a little break from my daily activities to try to find an eatery between Norman & Tulsa. I’ll be visiting Norman and staying with a friend there but wanted to break bread with another friend who now resides in Tulsa (all of us met in Colorado Springs,CO). First I looked on mapquest and googled a couple of places and came upon Stroud and your Cafe and I got excited. Then I read about the fire and I was soooo disappointed. Then I came upon your blog that states you might be open by 5/22! Great excitement again. I’m planning the trip for Memorial Day weekend. Hoping to come to your restaurant on Sunday the 24th of May. How are things?

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